Sunday, January 31, 2010

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book." Irish Proverb

another lazy day, but i got a workout in this morning! i did a thirty minute program on my treadmill, which was in all honestly, crap :)  i didn't feel like i really did much, yet it said i burned 300 calories.  i had to laugh a lot, and i feel bad if people actually go by those numbers if they are trying to lose weight.  after that, i did polly's new winter morning yoga! it was simple, short, and an amazing leg stretch for the morning when you are so tight.

not much has gone down today, except i successfully made my version of katie's tiramisu babies :)


nummyy :) my mom took a hunk out of the middle one, so i made it the nose.

i didn't have any dates, as usual, so i used raisins, but i used the right amount this time!
i also didn't use the nut butter, and i used walnuts instead of cashews, although i think cashews would give it a smoother texture and creamier taste.  i may have also doubled the amount of cocoa powder? ;)

regardless, they are delicious, and i'm going to try to make them last longer than a few days tonight.

i've also been switching up my eats lately because of my new lunch schedule at school.  breakfast has been more of an egg based meal and lunch has been oats!  i actually really like it.  even though i didn't have school today, i made an egg, turkey, and hummus sandwich (hummus and eggs are a match made in heaven, if you didn't know) and i had oats in a DCD jar for lunch.  not going to lie, it was the bombbbbbb. especially since i had like 4 tbsp. left in the jar, but i couldn't wait to use it bwhahaha.

for my oats, i can't seem to switch them up.  i ALWAYS put the same things in them.  the usual mix?

-1/3 cup oats/oat bran
-2/3 cup water
-1 banana (half microwaved then cooked with the oats and half sliced on top)
-cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
-sf maple syrup
-copious amounts of peanut butter

i don't know, i guess it just works for me :)

some of my egg concoctions have been frittata attempts that turned into omelet fails, which have now turned into scrambles.  i think i like those best.  my last scramble was my favorite.  

-1 egg, 2 egg whites
-my leftover roasted chickpeas

it was pretty good, not going to lie :)

off to watch the grammys with my family! dad just got back from sweden and london :)

ciao bella


  1. yummy foods and if the oats wrk for you stick with it!! :)

  2. I would love to talk with you about your possible malabsorption/intolerance issues (re: comment on my blog). Check out Tuesday's post, it may be helpful.

    I basically always felt bloated, and had gas. I was never comfortable. I finally realized it wasn't normal to feel that way, and I changed my diet and noticed a big difference. Therefore I figure I must not tolerate fructose very well. I am an RD so I know a lot about nutrient balance, therefore I safely put myself on a low fructose diet.

    E-mail me with questions:

  3. Oats in a jar with tons of peanut butter is the best! One time I measured mine for fun to see how much peanut butter was left in the jar.. and it was about a 1/4 cup! And I loved every minute of it. LOL