Thursday, January 21, 2010

"The discovery of coffee has enlarged the realm of illusion and given more promise to hope."-Isidore Bourdon

i'm glad you liked my blog last night, i wasn't exactly in the mood for writing.  i was emotionally exhausted, but no worries, everything is good now.  and it wasn't ED related :)

i think i have officially OD-ed on chinese takeout.  it was dinner, snack, and brunch.  for lack of a better way to say it, me and chinese food don't exactly get a my body was on the fritz until about 1:30.  i hit the gym with my mom and i walked her through my favorite workout.  i felt great afterwards, but i think it's getting to easy because i don't feel like i'm getting that much done.  i've added weights and curls to the lunges and upped the elliptical level to the highest one for more resistance to build muscle.  maybe i'll have to find another workout :(

ohh sauce soaked rice...i will always love you.
(my brother's leftovers...i try not to order anything)

i was craving some mcdonald's iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla and no cream ;) after my workout, but i was scared about my tummy.  i wasn't going to say anything until my mom said she wanted coffee too, so i took it as a sign that it was ok bwhahaha.  excuses, excuses.  anyways, i added some lactaid to it when i got home to be double sure, and it's been great.

why you so obsessed with me?

in other news, my roommate [can i just refer to her as casey from now on? :)] is also a tortilla chip, kashi oatmeal chocolate chip, and coffee lover.  i'll ask again:  WHERE HAS THIS GIRL BEEN?! i love this more and more each day!  only one more day until we meet.  so suspenseful :)

nothing else really going on today, so i think i'm going to veg out for the night and watch discovery health and maybe some trashy tv until fringe comes on!


ciao bella


  1. hey love!! have a great night. so sweet you and your momma work out togehter :) SO exciting about your roomie love!

  2. You're just the cutest thing EVER.
    I repeat: EVER!

    I can't wait to hear more from your roomie... And the adventures you guys will have together! I'm getting excited and I'm not even there!

    Keep smiling, Lindsey - trashy TV will surely do the trick. ;)

    Eleanor x

  3. can't wait to hear more about your roomie! how exciting!
    you are adorable. loveeee mcdonalds coffee haha so good :] especially the vanilla kind! I had chinese for dinner tonight as well :]

  4. heyyyyyyyyyy roommate, guess what!


    i've decided that we have to take lotsa pictures. documentation and such.

    i'm regularly stalking your blog now, just letting you know. i use mozilla, so the link to your page is at the top with my links to ncsu things and such. FEEL SPECIAL. :P

    so today, i had this awesome realization.
    we're alike on the things that roommates need to be alike on. like, simple things; music, movies, food, general preferences. this will keep disagreements to a minimum because everything will already be the way we want it. after i typed all that i realized that was obvious, but anyway.

    i'm going now. i'll text you. :D