Friday, January 8, 2010

"Of one thing I am certain, the body is not the measure of healing - peace is the measure."-George Melton

yoga was wonderfullllll tonight. i actually got to the gym early, but the lights were off in the yoga room, so i hit the treadmill for a 5 minute warm-up. when i was finished, i peeked in the room and there was a room full of people doing yoga! apparently they had started early so i had to come in late! i hate that, it feels like everyone is staring at you.

death stares all around! (source)

after an hour or so, we ended up in corpse pose. i felt like we just laid there forever, but i didn't mind. i was blissfully sinking into the floor :) i had planned on doing weights after that, but i was too relaxed to even try. i did sign up for some kind of complementary fitness regime thing where a trainer will make a fitness program just for me! i'm excited, i need something to go by or i will never get anything done.

maybe that's why i JUST finished my poetry explication and it's 12:30. good morning everybody! i really need to get to sleep, even though we do have a two hour delay tomorrow because it is "snowing." it isn't even that cold outside, really guys. only in north carolina...

so i have been contemplating my next few posts, and i feel like i want to explain why i changed the name of my blog because i have a lot to say about that...i also want to make a list of things about my body that i love. from the big nose to the crooked rib, i want to show myself how unique i am...and i encourage everyone to do the same! when i was in therapy, it was one of the things my therapist discussed with me to do, but i never did it :( stupid stubborn ED. but that's in the past! i'm going to take the initiative to do it now, and that is what matters!

well i'm off to bed peeps! have a great friday!

ciao bella


  1. that picture is creeeeeepy!! I really need to get into yoga!!

    YOU ARE UNIQUE and BEAUTIFUL and I'm so glad you found my blog, as I love reading yours!!

  2. yoga is great for everything! i'm not always in the mood for it, but it does make you feel so much better!

    and thank you, i love your blog as well :)

    ♥ lindsey