Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Failure is not the only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others."-Jules Renard

first of all, i won this awesome award from christina at finally healthy!

10 things that make me happy?
  1. jeff! :) i guess dating someone for going on four years makes them special haha.
  2. reading blogs...go figure.
  3. laughing so hard i can't breathe.
  4. visits to n.c. state!
  5. the feeling after a good workout.
  6. the feeling after a good nap.
  7. when the temperature and weather outside is perfect and the air is know what i'm talking about ;)
  8. my favorite song comes on the radio when i'm in the shower
  9. animals...bella, my puppy :)
  10. it makes me happy that i can find something special in the simplest things in life.
sorry i'm lame and i don't have anything fun to put up there haha...guess i'm slightly boring :)

anyways, i suppose i have to pass this on! i would pass it on to everyone, but i don't want to be even more boring, so i'll just randomly choose :)

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i'm sorry if you've already been tagged, but i guess that just means you are double loved haha.

this weekend at state was another awesome one of course :) except i suppose i wasn't supposed to leave today or something.  i woke up around 11:40, got dressed and walked to lunch with jeff, and then it started raining.  i was packed to leave when we got a call from jeff's brother because their car wouldn't start.  so we drove over to his dorm and spent about an hour trying to jump his car because it wouldn't charge enough to run.  between all of that, my mom kept calling me to pick up wings from sammy's that she had ordered in.  apparently the car not starting was less imporant than some dang wings that could wait.  not to mention, jeff had to drive home too.  haha sooo today was stressful, but i eventually made it home.  about a mile from my house, the sky turned from nasty to this

ok, so the picture isn't that great (driving!), but it was neat looking :)

the weekend consisted of walks around campus, food, a basketball game, bonding time :), and three movies (zach and miri make a porno, angels and demons, and darkness falls.)  the first was funny, the second was awesome, but i'm probably biased because it's my favorite book, and the third was hilariously awful.  it's about a killer tooth fairy :)

here are basketball pictures

  final score:  clemson, 73 n.c. state, 70

but the game was so close at the end!

stressful faces...

but we were happy...

 gotta have faith :)

i miss him already!  we had a really good walk last night to find my potential dorms...ahh i'm so torn...i know i like a suite style better, which is a small hall with only four rooms in each.  but the dorm i really like is syme, which is a hall style.  i'm just not sure i want like 30 people sharing a bathroom and a hall with me.  any input?

my mom and brother actually came with me friday, but they left me at jeff's place to stay over the weekend.  we went shopping and i came out with

dark chocolate sea salt bat from lindt [gasm :)], two be nourished high fiber cookies from the gmc store, and a pumpkin spice cliff bar.

the man at the gmc store actually bought my cliff bar and cookies for me!  it actually made my day, he was so nice.  it didn't seem creepy to me at all, but my mom thought otherwise when i told her. 
i also bought a new outfit from delias while i was in raleigh, so maybe i'll model it and see if it even looks decent...i have no fashion sense :)

oh, and before i left for state, i made this banana apple bread, which was amazing, but next time i would probably add honey or agave.  nothing a little peanut butter couldn't fix!

 sorry for the lighting, but check out that apple chunk sticking out of the side.

no school for another week, so i'm going to watch t.v. and catch up on more of you guys' blogs tonight and sleep wayy in :)

ciao bella


  1. You are such a cutie-pie, and your posts always leave me smiling!
    I absolutely love corny/ridiculous horror films! Nothing beats hysterical laughter when you're supposed to be hiding your face in a pillow. ;)

    That's so cute that that guy bought those bars for you! I don't think it's creepy... Unless they were taped back up with scotch tape I don't think there's anything wrong with it ;)

    Have a beautiful night, beautiful!

    Eleanor. xo

  2. Oh!

    You and Jeff look so adorable. I love that he makes you so happy!
    You're too cute, seriously.


  3. you and your boy are ADORABLE!
    you will love the pumpkin clif :)

  4. agreed with eleanor :] too cute! i really MUST try clif bars. they all look/sound so freaking amazing. ugh.
    thanks for tagging me sweets--already filled it out though! i do feel loved :]
    hope you had a great day and have an awesome rest of the week :]

  5. Thanks for the award!! :) I guess I am triply loved!! (is that a word??)

    I would go for the smaller dorm... you can always go visit the bigger one, but at least when you want quite, you get quite you know?!

    Thanks again darlin!! :)

  6. hey ahhh your blog still never ceases to amaze- i love it! clif bars are so good. pumpkin spice def has to be my favorite though besides the fact that they all are delicious [: the game looks so fun! and loving all the movie choices. have a beauuutiful monday xoxo soph
    PS. that bread...drooooool

  7. i love your blog :)
    sounds like a great weekend. xo