Wednesday, January 13, 2010


-two slices whole wheat bread with cooking spray, pepper, garlic powder, and basil put under the broiler for a few minutes...(brilliant idea!)
-one egg, runny yolk necessary.
-soy cheese (melts on the egg...yum.)
-handful of spinach
-one slice of turkey bacon friiiiiiied up.
-apple tossed with my bff cinnamon on the side.


epic lunch :)

i'm off to find some chocolate ;)

ciao bella!


  1. Hey Lindsey! Thanks for your comment! Fiber One bars are the 'candy bars' of the granola bar world! And you are right about keeping you on 'track'!!!!

    Did you find some chocolate?!! If so, what type? I am into dark chocolate right now. I found a great dark chocolate bar by Lindt with sea salt in it. Sounds weird, but it tastes amazing!

  2. dark chocolate with sea salt it MY FAVORITE. well, maybe second to peanut butter and chocolate :) but i found some nibbles of ghiradelli dark chocolate squares that i got for chirstmas, so it did the trick :)

    where did you find the dark chocolate with seasalt? i can't ever find it!

    ♥ lindsey

  3. oh i hope you found yourself some chocolate for sure!!

    thx for all your contest entries :)

  4. haha anytime! i want some chia seeds ;)

    ♥ lindsey