Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hey soul sista

sorry for the disappearance yesterday, it was a whirlwind :)

first off, I FOUND MY ROOMMATE FOR NEXT FALL! i'm beyond excited.  i swear we are like long lost sisters.  honestly, i've never met another girl that i had so much in common with.  we literally talked for 3 1/2 or 4 hours yesterday and we made plans to meet up at n.c. state saturday for a walk and lunch, and maybe the mall ;)

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh EXCITEMENT! when was the last time i felt like my life is moving forward? i have a future friend.  i feel confident in going to college now.  i feel like my future is in grasp, and i'm happy about it.  i know that i'll be going into college with someone by my side (and JEFF!) and i love it....ahhh..........don't get me wrong, i like my friends now, or the one or two i have.  but i want to start over, and i want to be at state! dangit, i could go forever, i really can't contain my excitement right now.

shall i compare us?

-same music
-same movies
-same food, & CHOCOLATE.
-same tv shows
-same party preferences
-both seem to have "intelligence" in other words, she's not an air head
-same fav. colors
-same favorite everything.
-i could carry on a real conversation with her...not just hi, bye.

where did this girl come from? i know some of these things are small, but it's all so awesome :) i guess it sounds like a crush hahahaa...i think it's because i don't really have a close friend.  i haven't had one in a couple years.  so i'm liking the return of the friend thing :)

speaking of, i'm heading to a town nearby with a couple of people to hit up cookout, starbucks, and target!

hope they don't bust out the pot though, or i'm outt.  not my thing.

i might write tonight, but if not, i will see you all tomorrow!

ciao bella


  1. that is so awesome that you and you roommate click! you lucky, lucky girl :)

    And by all means, let your enthusiasm radiate, because I know your excitement. Even though I've got two more years in high school, I'm SO ready to get out and go to college.


  2. you are too cute :] that's awesome that you and your roomie have so much in common! that is my like worst nightmare--that i don't like my roomie. glad you won't have to deal with it :]

  3. bahahahaha we totally talk about each other like we're crushing on each other. it's cool though, at least it's mutual :)

    i feel the same though, i mean, DUDE, we're like, perfect besties.
    and we're not annoying about it, you know? some girls are just straight up annoying, and there's no way to really sugar coat that. regardless, i think there's a lot of balance with us.
    i'm suuuuper excited about going to state. and i'm suuuuper excited about being your roommate. and i'm suuuuper (i need to stop that.) excited about THIS WEEKEND!

    well, i think i've proven that i'm just as amazed by all of this as you are.
    i think we're going to be the best roommates everrrrrr.

  4. Separated at birth? I think so!
    I'm so glad you've been able to find someone you can connect with! There would be nothing worse than sharing a room with someone you had a absolute negative force against. So I'm glad you were able to avoid that ;)

    Girl crush? So what! She's awesome!
    Super chic + super chic = MEGA SUPER AWESOME TIME.

    ...Can I come live with you guys, too?

    Eleanor. xo

  5. That is nice that you have found a good room mate - they are hard to come by!

    I am so jealous about you going to Target. When we go to Florida I always LOVE shopping there. It is so much fun.

  6. WOW girl! so blessed to find that! you are going to have a BALLIN time together!

  7. Wow, that's great to see you so excited! It's tough to find a good roommate...I'm glad you're so satisfied with yours! Can't wait to see all the wonderful fun you have next semester! :D