Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wrapping up

hey guys! i've been so busy the last couple weeks of school. i will NEVER understand why teacher give so much stuff at the very last minute to do, especially senior year! along with award's day next week, academic banquet, scholarships, birthdays, and graduation arrangements, i also have a calculus project, two ap lit papers, my memory book due, and a calculus and animal science test thursday. 

with that said, i need to go do some work because i just got back from the gym.  i was proud of myself! i did five minutes on the treadmill going 6.0 mph while i was waiting for the elliptical to open up.  i don't really like the treadmill because i always have a problem with my shoulders grinding and it hurts  like HELL  very badly.  the elliptical doesn't seem to affect it as badly.  when one finally opened, i was on it for about 40 minutes and went 4.15 miles.  yes, that may not be much for some people, but for me it was very good.  and like this wise lady said today, don't compare yourself to others; let it motivate you! be proud of YOUR accomplishments :)

one last thing...one of my papers for ap lit is supposed to be a problem-solution paper.  it can be any topic that you feel strongly about in society.  at first i really struggled to find something that i could write about, so i walked into the library and i shit you not, the first book on the self was male anorexia.  now, you all know if you have been reading this that i had it so i feel strongly about it, but no one really ever gives much thought to males experiencing eating disorders.  it struck me instantly that i was writing my paper on this.  i'd really appreciate you guys' opinions on the topic or any information that you think would be helpful!

off to do work!

yesterday's 'fit.

i'll leave you with webcam boredom...

ciao bella

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

there were so many fewer questions when the stars were just the holes to heaven..

so i woke up around one this morning having an asthma attack.  great way to start the day, right? honestly, it would have been ok if not for the two circumstances: 

  1. i had no inhaler with me.
  2. i already couldn't breathe out of my nose.
so basically, i was huffing and puffing all night long.  needless to say, i did not attend school today.  i woke up around ten and basically sat around until about 1, when i got a sudden burst of energy. i ran up to the gym and did this awesome workout.  i was also pretty much the only person at the gym, so i enjoyed that.  however, the gym air conditioning was broke so i was drenched in sweat by the time i left, and i may or may not have taken around  breaks and walked the last 6 minutes.  but hey, i got a workout, right? :)

need proof?

pre-gym. still got that swag surf.

post-gym.  and no, i do not work out with my hair down.  that's crazy talk.

after that, i went grocery shopping for my family and picked up a few goods that i forgot to snap a picture of.  i'm pretty sure i got bananas, strawberries, oranges, spring herb mix, snow peas, shredded carrots, balsamic vinaigrette, greek yogurt, lactaid, turkey, garlic hummus, and kashi honey sunshine cereal. basically what i live of off :)

i finally got around to cleaning out my car from the tragedy that was soccer season.  two hours of lil' wayne, scrubbing, vacuuming, washing, rinsing, and drying later, my car is almost as beautiful as ryan reynolds.  almost.


now that you've feasted your eyes on that, you can feast your eyes on my not-so-appetizing-looking-but-oh-so-amazing-tasting dinner.

stovetop oats!

it's all i was craving...my stomach has been kind of off today, so i wanted something simple.  i did my usual mix of 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup water, cinnamon, nutmeg, chopped banana, REAL maple syrup (which is 2387594375x better than the fake stuff and a little goes a longg ways), and a scoop of peanut butter on top.  this time, i spontaneously added the last of my lactaid on top (probably 1/3 cup) and everything was all goopy and wonderfully blissful :)

oats with a side of blackberry.

that's about the jist of today's happengs.  here's a quick recap of everything else:

-i planted a garden on mother's day :)

-i went to durham this weekend to meet up with some people i met that are also going to state in the fall, and i am BEYOND thrilled to be going in august!!

-i tried SIAHC.  for those of you who can't read minds, that means Salad In A Hummus Container. if you haven't tried it, do it STAT. it's amazing.

 i never would have thought an empty hummus container would make me happy.

as i typed this, i also demolished a bowl of honey sunshine cereal with almond milk and fresh sliced strawberries.  maybe a sliver of dark chocolate, too?  ah, well.  all's well that end's well.

ciao bella

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


so this isn't really going to be a long post because i just woke up, stuffed my face with sweets, and as soon as they digest, i'm headed to work out :)

but i really wanted to share with you this muy delicioso recipe that i found saved in the depths of my bookmarks: cauliflower pizza crust.

when i first saw it, i was curious just because i love pizza.  i saved the link without thought, but i never went back to it until a couple of days ago.  i knew i had to make it at that point.  naturally, i ran to the store, grabbed some cauliflower and pizza toppings, and did the damn thang.

unfortunately, my crust really didn't stay together so it ended up being more of a mush, but it was AMAZING, nonetheless. and knowing i was eating half of a bag of cauliflower made me feel even better :)  i'm pretty sure it messed up because i failed to measure how much cauliflower i used.  it only said one cup in the recipe, but i think i used two.  i'll get it right next time.  because there will be a next time.

i strayed away from the recipe a little, so my crust looked more like this:

-2 cups riced cauliflower
-1 egg
-red pepper flakes
-garlic powder

my toppings were BALLLIN'.

-large amounts of pizza sauce
-goat cheese
-sun-dried tomatoes
-vegan parmesean

my crust.  check out those pepper flakes ;)

 half of the pizza. sorry, i got busy with the first half before i thought to take a picture.

well i'm off to work-out!  you should definitely try this pizza though, it's pretty bossy. and it definitely took care of my pizza cravings!

ciao bella

Friday, May 7, 2010

the four essentials of omelets.

step one: sautee veggies of choice

i went with zucchini, corn, and mushrooms. with a touch of balsamic to scrape off the goodness on the bottom of the pan ;)

step two:  get your eggs (one egg, two whites) in the pan.  when they are set, add your veggies to one half.  and don't forget to add vegan provolone cheese.  

step three: fold it like it's hot.

i'm a proud momma.

step three: whip up a delicious sauce to drizzle on top.  preferably greek yogurt+salsa.

not so purdy, but delish nonetheless.

step four:  dessert.  because no meal is complete without this step.

mango smoothie in a cappuccino glass cause i like to be classy.

my mango smoothie:

~1 cup frozen mango
~1/2 cup almond milk


perfect :)

i also added a touch of granola to make it look a little more blog-friendly.  or maybe i was subconsciously trying to make up for the crackberry photos.  you're welcome.
ciao bella


Thursday, May 6, 2010

my healthy medium

ever since i recovered from ED, i think i've overly taken advantage of all of the junky foods i used to deny myself for so long.  for example,

now, i'm not saying chocolate isn't healthy ;) but let's just say copious amounts have been consumed.

and then in europe, it was tons of food and lots of this:

and i've basically turned into this hot guy:

and drank WAY too many of these:

let's just say i've gained quite a few pounds.  

PLEASE DO NOT FRET! in no way am i going on a diet! HELL NO.  that part of my life is over and done with.  but i was just starting to feel blah.  i do not think i am fat.  i actually love my body and all of it's curves...except my boobs, but in due time ;)

the whole point of this post is to try to get some motivation.  i feel like i'm just letting myself go in every aspect of my life, especially school.  i sign out so much it's not even funny.  i need to hear from you guys again! i know it's been so long since i've been blogging and maybe i need to start again.  

health wise, i know i need to make some changes.  here is my proposed plan:

-get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
-stop snacking all day long!  it makes me feel so weighed down, and i know it's out of boredom.  and because i have always been able to justify it because of ED.
-eat bigger breakfasts.
-eat at least one salad a day.  
      -funny side story:  i have eaten this salad every day the past week and it is AMAZING, yet i almost made my mother and father throw up.  maybe my taste buds are completely out of whack and i have no idea where i go this idea from, but here we go.  my salad contains:  a shitload of spinach, turkey slices, shredded carrots, sliced red pepper, broccoli slaw,mushrooms, beets, a glob of sabra, a tbsp of peach jam, vegan parmesean cheese and balsamic vineagrette.  crazy? yes. delicious? HELL YES.
-stop drinking so much diet coke.  i was literally drinking 4-6 a day.  for right now, i say 2 is my max. baby steps, people.
-try to eat more balanced meals.  not just a bowl of fries because i can.
-portion control! now this sounds like a diet, but it's more like eat until i am full instead of so stuffed i just take a nap.  yes, i do that almost everyday now.
-BLOG! i am missing you guys :)
maybe this wasn't the best thing to put on a former ED blog, but people can say what they want.  i've been at the gym and eating better for about a week now and i feel 93245349857984375 times better! and my clothes still fit the same, so i'm assuming i'm not losing weight, which isn't my goal anyways.  if anything, i just want to tone up :)  i'm lifting more instead of solely relying on the treadmill.  and i feel amazing.  and i know this new healthy life i want to implement is not ED related because i am NOT afraid of fats.  in fact, i love them! lemme holla at that almond butter and hummus :) have you read this amazing lady's post on fats?  i don't count calories either, so don't ask.
sorry this post is so sporadic, but here are a couple of other side notes to serve as catch-ups:

-my back is still messed up.  it is getting to where it always wakes me up at night.  maybe i should get it checked out now that soccer is over.  opinions?
-there are no boys in my life! weird, huh? :)
-i have taken two A.P. tests in the past two days.  talk about a nightmare.  (calculus tuesday, literature and comp. today)
-i am still awaiting my dorm assignment from n.c. state.  i had one a few days ago, but apparently they had to go back and redo everyone's rooms.  so for now, i'm homeless.
-almond butter is the new peanut butter.  i'm in love.  
-graduation is june 15th! counting down the days...still no word on whether i'll be valedictorian!
-i feel like i have so much more to talk about, but now that i'm blogging i'm sure i'll be back to talk!
-in the meantime, here are some random pictures...

 senior night...last soccer game!

n.c. state senior send-off dinner

they got nothin' on you, baby

failed attempt at get an au naturale tan.

another prom pic.
bffs since elementary school :) 
first dance to last prom, baby!

exciting news coming up, stay tuned!

ciao bella