Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wrapping up

hey guys! i've been so busy the last couple weeks of school. i will NEVER understand why teacher give so much stuff at the very last minute to do, especially senior year! along with award's day next week, academic banquet, scholarships, birthdays, and graduation arrangements, i also have a calculus project, two ap lit papers, my memory book due, and a calculus and animal science test thursday. 

with that said, i need to go do some work because i just got back from the gym.  i was proud of myself! i did five minutes on the treadmill going 6.0 mph while i was waiting for the elliptical to open up.  i don't really like the treadmill because i always have a problem with my shoulders grinding and it hurts  like HELL  very badly.  the elliptical doesn't seem to affect it as badly.  when one finally opened, i was on it for about 40 minutes and went 4.15 miles.  yes, that may not be much for some people, but for me it was very good.  and like this wise lady said today, don't compare yourself to others; let it motivate you! be proud of YOUR accomplishments :)

one last thing...one of my papers for ap lit is supposed to be a problem-solution paper.  it can be any topic that you feel strongly about in society.  at first i really struggled to find something that i could write about, so i walked into the library and i shit you not, the first book on the self was male anorexia.  now, you all know if you have been reading this that i had it so i feel strongly about it, but no one really ever gives much thought to males experiencing eating disorders.  it struck me instantly that i was writing my paper on this.  i'd really appreciate you guys' opinions on the topic or any information that you think would be helpful!

off to do work!

yesterday's 'fit.

i'll leave you with webcam boredom...

ciao bella


  1. you are too cute! :)

  2. haha i was the SAME way towards the last week of high school. I hated that teachers just gave us pointless papers/busy work. waste of timee. thank god for internships :)

    that is really interesting to think about males have anorexia because you don't hear about it all too much.

  3. Your glasses ROCK! They are so cool!


  4. 一個人的價值,應該看他貢獻了什麼,而不是他取得了什麼..................................................