Sunday, July 4, 2010

difficult post ahead

i have kind of a difficult post ahead. possibly life-changing, possibly meaningless. we'll see. lots of pictures, too :)

in the  meantime, i've eaten a few new things lately that might hint around at what i'm going to post about.

ok, so i only have had a change to try one. i had the wholesome original...the one in the middle. i was a little sketched out about it looking at the ingredients, but i'm always wanting to try new things so i dove in.  it was AWESOME.  the flavor was very mellow, and i could taste and SEE the indivudal ingredients.  it was very filling with 9g of protein and left me feeling superb. now i must find a place to buy them cheaply...

peaut butter and honey drizzle with raisin sandwich. weird and just what i was craving :)

i am going to try this bar shortly

looks scrumptious.  i guess anything with chocolate is haha.

anyways, i just bought one of these, so i'm going to go test it out on a short run.

ciao bella