Tuesday, May 11, 2010


so this isn't really going to be a long post because i just woke up, stuffed my face with sweets, and as soon as they digest, i'm headed to work out :)

but i really wanted to share with you this muy delicioso recipe that i found saved in the depths of my bookmarks: cauliflower pizza crust.

when i first saw it, i was curious just because i love pizza.  i saved the link without thought, but i never went back to it until a couple of days ago.  i knew i had to make it at that point.  naturally, i ran to the store, grabbed some cauliflower and pizza toppings, and did the damn thang.

unfortunately, my crust really didn't stay together so it ended up being more of a mush, but it was AMAZING, nonetheless. and knowing i was eating half of a bag of cauliflower made me feel even better :)  i'm pretty sure it messed up because i failed to measure how much cauliflower i used.  it only said one cup in the recipe, but i think i used two.  i'll get it right next time.  because there will be a next time.

i strayed away from the recipe a little, so my crust looked more like this:

-2 cups riced cauliflower
-1 egg
-red pepper flakes
-garlic powder

my toppings were BALLLIN'.

-large amounts of pizza sauce
-goat cheese
-sun-dried tomatoes
-vegan parmesean

my crust.  check out those pepper flakes ;)

 half of the pizza. sorry, i got busy with the first half before i thought to take a picture.

well i'm off to work-out!  you should definitely try this pizza though, it's pretty bossy. and it definitely took care of my pizza cravings!

ciao bella


  1. Hey there - interesting recipe!!!! I never thought of making a crust out of cauliflower - ill have to give it a try!!!!!! xo aimee

  2. haha what a weird concept...but I kinda want to try it now; cauliflower is my favorite veggie and I love pizza!

  3. That sounds quite interesting! I may just have to try it soon. It's always nice when recipes have ingredients that I normally have somewhere around the kitchen anyways :)
    Plus building your own pizza is über fun! One of my favorite cooking pasttimes.

  4. very interesting... ;)
    ps. come visit, I have a fun giveaway going down ;)

  5. that looks really interesting!! In a good way! haha, thanks for sharing that with us!! Maybe i'll get off my lazy butt and make it one day.. be a bit ambitious :P

    -A <3