Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth."-Edith Piaf

i'm feeling a little confused at the moment, and maybe someone could offer some insight?

you see, i'm at a healthy weight...healthy body fat, and overall, i'm in good shape. however, the past couple of times i've wanted to actually WORK OUT and sweat a little, i've gotten light-headed and had to stop...and this time i threw up. it's not like i pushed myself, knowing i was feeling bad and should stop either. i was feeling great and lively, when all of a sudden, bam. i feel a headache and run to the bathroom. why!? i even ate like 5/6 of a chocolate bountiful vegan cookie smeared with peanut butter with my dinner first :( i love to work out, and i can't if this happens! please, if anyone can clue me in, i'd love to hear ideas...

^i bought 2 workout dvd's at target today (on sale!)

on a happier note...oh wait, i don't have anything to say :) maybe i'll take this opportunity to explain the name change? first of all, i'm impatient, and when i decided i wanted to start a blog, i took absolutely no time to think about it. i knew it was going to be about my ED, and i wanted something that defined me and made me stand out...the first name that came to mind was something my boyfriend jokes with me about, which is my lactose issue. he always says i'm "lactose ignant." i guess i just went with it. i mean i liked my name, but i don't want that to define me as a person. especially now that i've left ED behind. so, i decided to make a name change, and this time, i took awhile to think about it. i know "love, life, and lindsey" is not original per say, but that's not what matters to me. my new name is what i want this blog to be about. sure there will be some food incorporated in every once in awhile, because i do love me some food :) but my new name will exemplify my new blog. this blog will about my life, my love, and just me :)

and a quick random note:

i've been pondering lately about possibly trying out for the play at our school this year...i think i'm ready to step out of my comfort zone and do something that's different and challenging to me. even if i'm not ready, i think i need to. besides, it's my senior year, right? i don't mind the long practices and stuff, but i'm concerned about tryouts. supposedly, i would have to read a piece of a script and sing "my country 'tis of thee." i mean, my voice isn't awful, but it's not play material, i don't think. i've always been funny about singing in front of boyfriend of almost 3.5 years JUST heard me sing a couple of weeks ago...but i secretly absolutely LOVE singing. it's such a stress relief to me, plus it's enjoyable. i don't know, i really want to do this, but i need to psych myself into it. i have a month or two though, so well see how it pans out :)

well i'm off to finish watching the eagles and dallas game! maybe some rock band in my future? bust out the golden pipes, ya digggg? hahahaa.

ok, maybe fully dressed...or not? :) ahh jk, jk.

and thank you to emily for introducing me to weheartit! they have the most amazing pictures!

ciao bella


  1. Yay for you!! All the times that I have stepped out of my comfort zone FABULOUS things have happened, so I always encourage everyone to do it!!

    I love the blog name, it suites your PERFECT!

  2. thank youuuuuu "betty" hahaa i love it! and thank you again for all the support you have given me :)

    ♥ lindsey

  3. you should totally try out! It's your senior year -- go wild.

    And I love the new blog name!

    I'm so glad you are enjoying the pictures on we heart it, too :)

    have a great day!