Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my dog is facing downwards?

short post...

today has been stressful with my ap literature midterm presentation and an ap calculus test...but it's over now and i'm pleased. after school, i went and hit some golf balls with jeffrey and relieved some more stress :) by the way, golfing in a winter coat is a BAD IDEA! puff ball, anyone?

my lovely group in ap lit...of course i got the puke green :)

in other news, my bmi is officially over 19! whoooooooooooooda thought? :) it's exciting to finally be leading a normal life. i can't honestly say i'm 100% happy with my new body, but i'm getting there. it takes time to appreciate new additions and to get used to it when you have been living with no padding for a couple years, it feels odd :) i good odd though! and i've noticed my body is doing things that are new to i haven't been working out or doing any yoga in awhile, but i did a downward facing dog today, and it was extremely easy. normally those things KILL my calves, but i didn't even shake :) weight related or not, i was happy as a clam...yes i just said that.

anyways, unfortunately enough, i need to study for my auto tech test...don't ask why i'm in that class...because i have no idea about electricity. normally i can not study and pull something out of my butt, but i feel as if i might at least need to look over my study guide on this one :)

i hope everybody had a great day!

ciao bella


  1. glad that downdog was easy and that you're making strides w/ your health! yay!

  2. It makes me incredibly happy to hear that you're enjoying yourself! And ACCEPTING yourself and the changes your body is going through! You mightn't be 100% happy with you body yet, but the more you learn to accept it, the more you'll love it and the more comfortable you'll feel.
    You look rather splendid in your puke green dress and bonnet though, my love. Only you could wear that and look gorgeous. ;)

    I LOVE downdog! It's my faaavourite pose. Keep up the positive vibes, Lindsey! I'll be here to help push em along if ever you need it.

    Eleanor. xo