Thursday, January 7, 2010

is this hotel pager friendly? i'm not getting a sig on my beeper :)-the hangover

this just in...i finally tried acorn squash! i have had it sitting in the kitchen forever, and i decided to bake it last night. honestly, i thought it would be similar to my beloved sweet potatoes, but i found it to be more like barf...just saying. i was sorely disappointed :( even the miracle of cinnamon didn't help matters. oh well, life goes on!

i'm off to digest some dinna and then head to the gym for some yoga followed by some weights :) i'll be there as long as possible, as i have a two-page poetry explication to do on this poem upon my return home.


picture of me in PA that i forgot about...rocking the wal-mart attire with the addition of snow boots :) i loved this outfit...made me have boooooooooobays :))

ciao bella!


  1. Oh, OHHHH!!
    You are too cute for words, Lindsey!!!
    Yes, that did need three (3) exclamation points.
    I hope you found something that didn't taste like barf to eat. Eating barf doesn't sound all that appetising. I don't even know what an acorn squash IS!
    All I know is what a pumpkin and a zucchini is... All these strange squashes confuse me. Poor little Aussie that I am!

    I like me some boobage ;) Hahaha, no more eight year old boy's chests!

    Eleanor. xo

  2. i can't believe you haven't seen those squash! there is a ridiculous amount here in the US. unfortunately, i have only found that i like pumpkin haha. too bad, they are so good for you! i guess i can't like all things healthy right? :)

    and yay for boobs! hooray! :)

    i loved your party attire, it looked like a blast, by the way!

    ♥ lindsey

  3. Sorry to hear the acorn squash didn't work out so well. I'd recommend butternut squash or ambercup squash if you're looking for one that's similar to sweet potatoes. Those two are especially good for squash fries (check out the recipe on my blog under "recipe" heading). For baking, I'd suggest sweet dumpling... it looses the "barf" quality. ;)

    And you look adorable btw!


  4. you are sooo cute!! That outfit is soo cute... it totally needs a photo shoot! :)

  5. thank you guys! and i will definitely try other squashes and possibly somee sweet dumplings :) i'm not one to bash a food just because the first try wasn't good!

    and jessica, i'll definitely consider that photo shoot...maybe you will see some pictures in the near future?? :)

    ♥ lindsey

  6. I've never tried acorn squash, but barf doesn't sound too appetizing :P

    Love your outfit - the snow boots make the out fit lol


  7. snow boots are essential to any outfit!

    ♥ lindsey