Friday, January 22, 2010

you and me could write a bad romance

afternoon...night...morning...whatever :)

today went by extremely fast, contrary to what i thought.  woke up, ate breakfast, and headed to goldsboro for a target date and to micheal's to get materials for my senior memory book :)

which i already feel myself being anal about.

anyways, there will be pictures as each page gets done.

i did something very out of character for me today.  i couldn't find my shoes, so i decided, what the hell...i'm going to rock these heels :) hahahaha...i actually enjoyed it for a little while.  they didn't even hurt, but they were squeaky?  odd.  i'm not sure i'll be doing it again though...

 what? you don't take photoshoots in t.j. maxx changing rooms, too? oh...


fierce? yeahh.

between all of that i snacked on

first time trying this opinion on the reviews page :) 

needed this. badly.

we hit up target, because i have a need to go in one every time i see one, where i was feeling more caffeine.


micheal's was next on the list, and i'm so glad we went because the scrapbooks were all 40% off and all of the pages were 30% off! so basically, i got a lot of stuff for not much.  as soon as i finish writing this and read everyone's blogs, of course, i'm going to work on the first chapter, "who am i?"

this is the first project i have ever had that i'm doing it at my will MONTHS early :)  i think it's going to be exciting.  i spent a couple hours last night going through our thousands of pictures trying to find the perfect ones.  it's so hard, because i was so dang cute you can only fit so many in the book.  oh well, i'll figure it out.

dinner time rolled around, and i wanted some mexican food, so i busted out a frozen amy's burrito, and cooked it in the oven with some broccoli that i tossed with some cumin, paprika, and garlic powder.  i took out the broccoli halfway through, and it was so good and crispy and flavorful...and when the burrito came out i wanted nothing to do with it.  so, i stuck it in the fridge and i'll probably eat it this weekend at some point.  instead, i ate the rest of my vanilla oikos with some pinapple, blueberries, agave, and kashi.  possibly a spoonful of dark chocolate dreams?

alright, i'm going to scrapbook and watch more discovery health...shocker :)

meeting casey tomorrow! :)


ciao bella

i miss my contacts :(


  1. haha you are so adorable lindsey <3 loved those heals! sometimes i wish i wasn't so scared of falling on my face so i could wear them--i love the way they look with skinny jeans! super cute outfit darlin.
    and your glasses are adorable--no need to miss contacts :]
    take care!

  2. I think you look really cute with glasses! You're such a babe ;)

    I can't wait to see the first page of this scrapbook! I love scrapbooks... I just have absolutely no artistic flare whatsoever - admiring others' handywork is where I stand in the whole "art scene", but I have no problem with that!

    Thank you so much for your comment, Lindsey. You always know how to make me smile. I actually almost cried (I really need to get that tearduct seen to...) ;)

    Eleanor x

  3. Hehe I think your right about the metabolism :D

    And you look adorable with those glasses!

  4. you are so adorable!!
    so cute in glasses! i loved the pumpkin spice!