Wednesday, January 20, 2010


quick update,

-i have officially requested casey to be my roommate :)
-i have officially paid to attend n.c. state.  in other words, no turning back!
-i tried tina's 3-minute cookie
-i put way too much egg in it
-and it was STILL deliciously awesome :) especially with strawberry yogurt and blueberries on top.


check out the egg sticking out...not supposed to be there. yummy nonetheless.

-the only change i made was no brown sugar, but  maple syrup and truvia instead.

now i need to go to bed for my cruel 11:45 early morning exam tomorrow, wish me luck!
-although, it's medical science and i've had basically the same class for 3 years, and it's always the same questions.
-love you all
-goodnight :)

ciao bella


  1. yummy breakfast cookie - who cares about too much was still delish!

    good luck on your exam!

  2. Food luck!! :) I made one of those breaky cookies this morning too!!

  3. That was supposed to be GOOD luck.... but FOOD luck is a good one too! haha

  4. that breakfast cookie looks great :)