Thursday, December 3, 2009

when life gives you lemons...

make lemon pie, duh.

i knew it was going to be a good day when i woke up late and STILL did not freak out :) i hate mornings, so that was a definite good sign. school even went well today. i was happy and social with people, and i found my calculus test to be quite easy. thank ya jesus. better yet, i only have to go to one class tomorrow because i have a field trip for ap lit and comp to help out with the special olympics! and as soon as that is over, my butt is jetting to raleigh to meet up with jeffrey so we can head up to virginia for the rise against concert! i'm so's his birthday present to me :) they aren't exactly the most popular band, but they are actually really good and have good causes.

when i went to duke tuesday, the doctor also told me i actually HAD to exercise at least 3 days a week. it was funny to hear that! since my weight is in the "healthy" range now, and i've shown i can keep it up, i've got the ok to work out some to keep myself happier and healthier.

soo today i decided to take myself to the gym and actually do it. i did 30 minutes of strength training, full circuit. then i did 30 minutes of "cardio" if you want to call it that. regardless, it felt GREAT. i'm not in the best of shape, but just letting go of that stress felt amazing. i went to yoga later that night. it was really fun because i was the only one there! we did amazingg stretches you can't normally do in a class full of people and talked for a long time about me playing soccer and things.

i haven't felt so relaxed and refreshed in such a long time. to go from basically completely sedentary to working out gives you such a high on life almost. i guess they call that the runners high or something :) but today really reminded me of why i need to keep this up, and more importantly, want to keep this up. the list could go on forever, but here are just a few things that have come from a healthy lifestyle:

  1. happiness
  2. energy
  3. less stress and anxiety
  4. better eh...physiological functions
  5. better complexion
  6. my clothes fit
  7. my hair is growing and not falling out
  8. people don't make comments about me being sick
  9. no one is worried about my heart rate or blood pressure
  10. my blood sugar is normal (mostly)
  11. less drama with my family
  13. i just feel better. period.
always remember that no matter what ED tells you, you are better off without it. you weren't born with it, and you don't need it! when it gets you down, remember how wonderful your life was pre-ED and think about your future. it really puts things into perspective.

for now, i'm going to continue living my life and enjoy my weekend with my boyfraand.

ciao bella :)


  1. Loved the list, and agreed with everything you said there, esp that relationship issue. I, too, severed a LOT of relationships because of my ED...and now, they're all being restored...Recovery is SO worth it!

    I also lost like 70% of my hair, but they've all grown back! :D

    And the best thing of course, is peace. Normalcy. Being able to actually LIVE life. >.<

  2. hey! just came across your blog and i LOVE it! so so so glad to see someone who is doing so well in recovery!!! keep it up, girl!

  3. thats funny, i just came across yours yesterday! i'm also glad to see that there is someone else who is above the baseline bmi and still going :)


  4. I LOVE the points about recovery. SO true! Stay strongg :)