Wednesday, December 23, 2009

wake up in the morning feelin' like p-diddy...

actually, i woke up feeling more like this:

i almost went back to sleep, but something was telling me i should stay up, and i'm glad i did...i had another eventful day, or at least one that kept me busy. i made a lovely breakfast of a peanut butter and banana wrap with a glass of lactaid, and then got to work doing some cleaning, baking, and laundry (oh yes i did.) i literally had NO clean clothes. not even a sock. i'm such a bum...

and then it was off to get my passport! i'm going with mi madre on our school's spring break trip to london and paris. oui, oui? :) i got my picture taken at walgreens and i forgot you couldn't smile. so my mug shot came out something like this:



got the pictures, stocked up on natural peanut butter and veggie cheese, you know normal people food :) by the time we made it to the courthouse to fill out paperwork and send off my passport information, i realized i had left my license at home. backtrack 2o miles, grab license, pee, and we were headed back to the courthouse. once we were in, we were informed that you have to purchase a special envelope from the post office now. great. but alas! there was a post office around the corner. a couple blocks and $5.60 later, we were back and finally got my passport stuff shipped out.

once we got home, i was put to more work and wrapped gifts and baked cookies...all these wonderful christmas things. oh and my dad bought a ping pong table? or should i say "table tennis" tomato, tomahto. despite the complete waste of money, i was happy to oblige and play with him :)

after this, it was more cookie baking time...which leads me to the p-diddy part of this blog. i may or may not have eaten copious amounts of cookie dough (smart balance butterrrrrr is god) and a chocolate vitamuffin. for those of you who didn't put two and two together, i just ate my weight in sugar. warning: what happens next is not for young children. in fact, no one should watch this. but here we go.

sadly, this was after i threw down to celine dion...and tim mcraw & faith hill. i'm sorry jeff if you don't want to be with me anymore after i put that on the internet :)

but this has me thinking...this blog is about me, obviously. it may not be filled with interesting adventures, or cool food, but it's who i am. for me, putting these stupid, random videos of me jamming in the kitchen isn't about wanting people to see it and like me and read this (obviously, or i would have NEVER put such horrendous dancing and singing and jumping in circles on here.) i made this blog to help get over my ED and to help my self-esteem. i may not have 398574 readers or followers, but that's not the point. i don't act like that all of the time, and i'm generally not an outgoing person. but i felt like acting stupid, and i did. completely comfortable in doing it, too. i'm proud of myself...i would have said something like that was ludicrous a few months ago. but that was just me with no rhythm, jumping around. i'm putting myself out there and not caring. i'm free and i love it :)

thank you to whoever may read this and thanks to blogger for letting me use this...i have come so far in a short amount of time, and i think this blog has played a role in it. it's like my own therapy...even if it's not a post used for venting, just sharing my daily chronicles lets me reflect on myself and how great my life truly is. so, thanks :)

ciao bella

i definitely wrote ciao balla first, and i kinda liked it :) maybe i'll switch it up from time to time? input on this matter?


  1. I must say, your dancing kills absolutely OWN mine. Wanna teach me a move or two? ;)

    I love that you don't feel obliged to post picture-perfect photos of your eats, and fill it up with stories of your 'adventures' and whatnot. This blog IS yours, and it's a representation of you, your progress, and anything and everything you want. That really struck deep with me, and I thank you for sharing this!

    Have a very merry Christmas!

    Eleanor. xo

    P.S. I'm going to be looking out for another of these TV-standard dance videos! ;)

  2. Sounds like a totally crazy day, but at least you got everything accomplished! Haha, I think Passport photos are meant to scare people from other countries... mine isn't quite magazine-worthy either. ;)

    You have SO much to be proud of Lindsey! You have come such a long way and have overcome more than almost anyone could ever imagine. Love the dance! :)


  3. thank you both! i love both of your blogs :)

    eleanor-lovee to teach you my master dance moves. fair warning though, it takes TONS of practice :) maybe i'll post a dance tutorial video? hmm...

    ♥ lindsey