Sunday, December 20, 2009

beer before liquor...

wow i feel like i haven't written anything in forever! maybe because i haven't felt exactly like writing the past few days...

i guess i'm just a little irritated right now. i was originally going to georgia with my family for christmas, but my mother decided to stay home. i was excited because that meant i could go to pennsylvania with jeff, but as soon as i told him i could go, mom turned around and decided we were going again so i had to cancel. now she just told me we aren't going to georgia now. what the hell? i already felt like an ass telling jeff's family i was going last minute, then cancelling, i'm NOT making another big deal about it now. i guess i'll just stay home and everyone else can have fun...ughh.

sorry i had to vent that out...but other than tonight, this week has been wonderful! with maybe the exception of last night and this morning. i may or may not have gone to a party last night and had my first experience with alcohol. let me just say, i do not recall half of the nights events. i mean i had fun when i wasn't bad off, but i just don't see why people go drink all of the time and get drunk and throw up. it's not exactly fun and i'm still feeling it tonight. i did enjoy being around people i love and having a good time though. it's been awhile since i've been out with a bunch of people :)

back up a couple of days and i went to the gym to do this circuit workout. i figured it would just be an easy, quick workout. NOT. the twenty minute workout turned into seventy-five minutes. but i loved it! i accidentally doubled the amount of walking lunges and deadlifts though, and i think that's why i've had a hard time walking today. i just finished up polly's yoga for upper thighs video and it did magical things for my legs :) thanksssssss!

mom wants to go to the gym with me tomorrow to do that same workout, but i'm not sure my legs will be up to the task. i think i might stick with arms or something. anyone happen to know any good arm workouts?

alsoooooo on the mind, i'm making a very special "hippie-food" lunch (his name for my food) for jeff and i tuesday, and i'm trying to find something different to make that will amaze him :) we have golf on the schedule after that, and i'm super excited to see how that plays out bwhahaha.

time for me to hit the hayy! maybe i'll blog more than once a week from now on :)

ciao bella!

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