Tuesday, December 22, 2009

these are the best days of our lives

today was one of the best days that i have had in a long time...i was up and at it from the start today. it was an early morning...9:34 to be exact :)...i had to get ready for lunch with jeff. it was finally the day to make him my "hippie food lunch." i was going to make stuffed shells with a tofu ricotta filling, but i really didn't feel like i could stomach it. i made myself a yogurt mess for breakfast (i don't even know what all was in it!) but it was crazy good. i went to get jeff around 12, and made veggie burger and roasted red pepper hummus pitas and green monsters! he "happily" obliged and ate every bit of it. pictures?

halfway there!

mission accomplished.

next up? YOGA! or the attempt...

aww puddin'. :)

this was followed by golf at the driving range which was a nice change of date...we must hit it up again. hahaha i crack myself up. we ran to the mall after to pick up a present for her sister (my secret santa) a wonderful weiner dog dressed like elvis was then purchased and we jetted. took him home, played some soccer, got stuck on his roof. it was quite an eventful day...i used a ladder for the first time, too :) but my day didn't stop there! i went to my friend's house to play more soccer with her and her boyfriend for awhile.

it's been a long, wonderful day, and now i'm sitting here watching julie&julia with my mom and dad. life doesn't get any better.

ciao bella

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