Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wanted: pomegranate recipes?

i'm sorry to say that julie&julia didn't live up to my expectations...boo :(

in spite of that tragedy, i decided to hit the kitchen to make a quesadilla por mi padre! of course after that movie, he wanted about 5 tablespoons of butter used, but to each their own i suppose. my tummy was queasy at the sight of all that milky sloth. bleh.

something magical happened though: i stumbled upon a pomegranate! yumm. i decided to spend 23489302 hours de-seeding it, and it was totally worth it because now i have an entire container of pom arils.

oh the versatility...

which brings me to my question...does anybody have any good ideas for using these babies? they are good on their own, but i'd like to incorporate them into a nice recipe :)

ciao bella


  1. I don't have any ideas for the arils, sorry :/ - I've actually never tried an actual pomegranate..how sad is that?

    And yes, to answer your question, I used to play travel soccer before all this ED stuff. I love it so much and really want to play high school!

  2. oh my goodness, you have to try one soon! they are really good, and you get a lot of arils out of just one pom.

    and you will play it again! i missed out on it last year because of ED...dumb, right? it's sad how many things you miss out on because of ED. but i'm ready to play this year!

    ♥ lindsey