Thursday, December 24, 2009

and to all a good night!

wow today went by really quickly...i feel like i just woke up. but i guess i did a few things eve brunch, ping pong, baking, ping pong, ping pong, blog reading, ping pong, and seeing jeff and his family for a few minutes:) but seriously, my family got serious with the ponging today. we even had a bracket going. i'll let the pictures do that talking:

more dancing, eleanor! :)

of course, dad won.

thoroughly upset.

cookies made for jeff's dad...recipe here.

went to see jefffff.........yadayadayada...;) love youuu!

andd came back to opening present from my i love my grandma very much, but her presents are hilariously AWFUL. this year was no different :)

socks to keep your toes stretching and prevents corns!! what more could a girl ask for? :)

well, after all of that excitement, i think it's time to hit the hay...and drink lots of sleepytime tea (my favorite)

merry christmas!

ciao bella :)