Sunday, December 13, 2009

"only you can set you free"

not much to talk about has been amazing lately :) time with the boyfriend, accepted to college...can't get much better than that! i feel like i'm finally getting past this stupid ED, and my life is going forward. a new chapter is about to begin, WITHOUT ED :)))

i've also been to the gym a couple of times, trying to get my energy back and its working! i feel so great!

so, here are a couple pictures to share:

post gym: 3 miles in 3o min. (intervals) and 30 min. strength training!

ruby tuesday :) salad bar, what whatttt!

lighting the tree with jeff!

jeff, me, and my "niece" it.

anyways...i'm off to a date with calculus! oh the joys of being a senior. but at least i can see college in my future now!!!!!!!!!! ahh i'm so excited :)

ciao bella :)

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