Monday, February 15, 2010

peanut butter swirly pancakes!

sorry about my photos, my camera is on its way out...


minus the coconut haha.  sorry guys, not my thing.  instead, i topped mine with a banana and maple syrup

sorry, i taste tested first haha.

seriously, the BEST pancakes i've ever made! i probably would have actually put in the recommended amount of sugar next time, but i didn't want it to be overly sweet? but the maple and banana made it perfect :)

definitely a keeper.

and even after my whole foods stop, i've had two more shopping trips...good ol' wal-mart and lowe's foods.

wal-mart trip.  bran buds for yogurt messes, honey toasted kashi heart to heart, bananas, two cheapo yogurts, prunes, new-to-me poppy thyme back to nature crackers because my special k ones had soy, and a water for the shop haha.

speaking of yogurt messes, they have been frequenting my snack time.


best.  mess. ever.

5 or 6 spoonfuls of plain yogurt
couple of spoonfuls of pumpkin 
copious amounts of cinammon
kashi puffs
dark chocolate chips
spoonful of pb :) i believe that was white chocolate 

blah blah blah...time to do some calculus i suppose, since i haven't paid a lickkkk of attention this week! i have no idea what we are doing.  ahh, such is life.  wish  me luck on my test tomorrow!

maybe i'll go have some more lemon box cake i made mommy dearest for her birthday :) with lemon icingg, nom nom nom.

words that are floating through my mind?
log, integration, derivative, natural log, u substitution.
 shoot me!

just kidding.


ciao bella!



  1. yummy pancakes!
    I feel you on the math thing..torture, right?

  2. you are too cute baby :] those pancakes look so yummy!! glad you enjoyed them :]
    love you!

  3. those pancakes look so cute and so delicious!! and love what you got at the store, prunes = love ;] hehe..and those crackers sound really good, i must look out for them!
    happy bday to Lindsey's mommy! lemon cake sounds so yummi!!
    by the way i love your blog and your header is so cool! :]


  4. I went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's yesterday and today I went to Wal-Mart. Three grocery stores in 2 days. Crazy? Nahhhh. :)

    I don't have school tomorrow (stupid snow!) so I am making those pancakes! I am pumped. :)

  5. girl, those pancakes are so goodddddd and you can pretty much make changes anywhere :)

    and thank you eliza, and becca, and emily haha.

    ♥ lindsey

  6. Can you come over and make me breakfast please! Those look delicious


  7. Those pancakes look delicioso.


    Love you!!

  8. Mmmm ... I have been craving pancakes all week, but I am always too hungry to make them instead of oatmeal in the morning!


  9. Hi Lindsay - i just found your blog and love it - i love yogurt messes - they are my favorite!!!!!! Kashi heart to heart is amazing - you should try the Cinnamon flavor - delicious!!!!!!!!!! Have a great Tuesday!!
    xoxo aimee

  10. yummy pancakes. can you post the recipe??

  11. Hey girl :)

    Don't forget to send me your address so I can mail you your giveaway prize! My e-mail is