Sunday, February 7, 2010

chocolate festival!!

sorry, i forgot my camera in the car so no pictures of the chocolate itself :(

but i think i had a pishtachio truffle, chocolate covered trail mix lump, and bits and pieces of different things...and a double dose of lactaid pills bwhaha.

however, we were in morehead city, aka the beach.  plenty of pictures taken there :)



mi madre.




jersey shoreeeee? :)


holy lazy eye.


heaven. i would be more broke than nicolas cage if there was one closer to me.




the goods :) i believe there is yogurt (2 pumpkin pie, 2 key lime, cherry vanilla, honey vanilla, lemon, super fruit, and super huge fage carton!), tomato flat-out wraps, puffed wheat cereal per yogurt messes, peach smoothie, two pro-bars, and harris teeter brand natural peanut butter :)

off to finish watching the super bowl, go colts! :)

ciao bella


  1. aww the pictures of you are so pretty! and the beach looks absolutely amazing. i know how you feel about that supermarket. i've already decided when choosing a college, whole foods nearby is a must (plus other great markets would be a bonus)! i'm a big fan of flat outs, too. if you heat them up in a non-stick pan and make a wrap, they're fab!
    have a lovely day!

  2. morehead city?? I go to emerald isle for vacay!

    love all the pictures!!!

  3. 1. NC state is located quite close to fresh market, whole foods, AND harris teeter :)

    2. emily! i go to emerald isle all the time! we have a camper and stay at the holiday travel park :)

    ♥ lindsey

  4. that is a beautiful beach... great pictures!! :)

  5. hey girl. can you PLEASE not be so gorgeous?! oh my goodnesss. that beach looks so preettty. its so great that you have all these places near you (: bet you are going to be there alll the time. and oh my gosh i miss the stoneyfield yogurts! they are amazing. have a great day lindseyy! xoxo soph

  6. yummy foods and gorgeous beach... and beautiful girl. Perfect! :)

  7. the beach looks beautiful girl:) im so glad you had fun! im sad the colts didnt win the super bowl.. i was cheering for them too tho!