Monday, November 30, 2009

medical cocktails.


I HATEEEEEEEEE MEDICINE. i'm done with it. the combination i began taking when my ED started made me the way i was, and now they put me on it again?! i can feel myself reverting back to my old ways...emotionally at least. and the sickness. i just don't feel like myself. and i'm beginning to stop myself when i reach for something i "shouldn't be eating." how could all of this happen in about two days?! just a couple of days ago i wanted to wear a shirt that said "I'M AT MY HEALTHY WEIGHT...WHAT NOW BEEOTCHH!?" now i'm just feeling depressed. mom looked it up on the internet, and apparently this concoction of medicines has shown to have badd side-effects. thank you brilliant doctors. thankfully, i have my monthly doctor's appointment tomorrow at duke, and maybe they can shed some light on my situation.

sorry for my tirade. \

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