Monday, November 2, 2009

nasal fracture?

Last night this morning was quite interesting. i quite possibly have a broken nose, thank you random chair in the closet. maybe i'm just accident-prone, but the incident went a little something like this:
1 o' clock in the morning+freezing cold+no blanket=needs a blanket.
in order to get said blanket:
i stumbled off the couch and felt my way to the closet, where the blanket it ALWAYS on the floor.
pitch black+stumbling, sleepy confusion=accident waiting to happen

i proceeded to open the closet door and reach down for the blanket, only to be met by a monstrous wooden chair. dum dum dummmmmmmm.

next thing i know, i was flat on my back with a possibly broken nose.
scary right? could happen to anyone!
moral of the story: watch out for those chairs, cause they'll getcha.

anyway, here are some pictures...i'm actually already healed up alot. i'm just good like that :)

only slightly bruised, little crooked. no biggy :)

shit happens.

so, i started my lovely monday morning with a bowl of special k protein with a sliced nanner on top...

actually, i had this plus another bowl of just the cereal. i was a hungrayy gurl.

no lactose for me, pwease.

lunch was just my leftovers from din-din last night...rotini with sauce, beef, corn, parsley, and red peppa flakes :) nom nom nom...

let's see...not much excited happeneddd today. i got kinda nauseated at the end of the school day, but a diet mt. dew seemed to make me happier :) i also made a wally world trip!! i swear i'm there every single day. but this time, i had to get things for my medical science class because we start out clinicals tomorrow! i have a doctor's appointment at duke, so my first day will be wednesday. i'll be shadowing a physical therapist some days, and other days i'll be with a dietician. woot woot!

let's see...dinnnnnner time! twas simple because no one was home...

from left->right...craka's with salsa, baby greens salad mix with strawburry vinagrette and FRESH TOMATOS!, and my stand-by/never-gets-old turkey sandwich on whole wheat.

i have never had fresh tomatos before! they actually do ta
ste so much better...

the quintessential sandwich.

after dinner, i had a chocolate salt-water taffy. delicious, of course. i'm sure that i'll have something else before bed, like i always do, but i really need to finish my wuthering heights paper...oh the joys of ap literature and composition...

goodnight all...ciao bella :)


  1. Sorry to hear about your nose. I have always had a fear of breaking my nose! I don't even like to touch my nose - it freaks me out!

    You will have to post some pictures of Bella. I would love to see what she looks like!

  2. haha yeah, i just went to the doctor today, and i have a broken nose and a concussion! what a great way to start november, huh? :)

    bella is coming soon! she is an adorable little mutt!

    ciao bella :)