Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wanted: recipe for weight gain.

Hey all. I had my monthly check-up and Duke today, and overall, it was a pretty good visit. We talked about my food intake and how i'm feeling about it, and they are proud of my progress! Unfortunately, i've managed to lose weight since my last check-up. I still have NO idea how because I eat so much before i go to bed every night...maybe i'm not doing this right...PLEASEE I NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR HEALTHY WEIGHT GAIN!! apparently, i'm going about it wrong :(

on a funnier note, my nose IS broken and i have a concussion. woo!! at least it doesn't look too bad. my boyfriend won't shut up about it though. apparently headbutting a chair and knocking yourself out wasn't one of my best moments :)

i went jean shopping for the first time since my weight loss/weight gaining process...i'm so excited that i finally got some jeans that aren't so baggy. i'm so tired of hiding my body under huge clothes! i am proud of my body, and i'm a beautiful girl...i've come to realize that there is no need to hide myself anymore, because i'm better than that. ED will not keep me from being classssssay :) so, i made a promise to myself that i would only wear those clothes when i'm just feeling like dressing down, and NOT because i don't want to be told "you're too skinny" all day and have to defend myself. helllo skinny jeans :)

mmmm....i smell food...

breakfast=captain crunch+lactaid+banana+diet vernors

ahh vernors...it brings back a lot of childhood memories. i was born in michigan, and this is, by-far, the most popular drink in my hometown. i don't exactly know what makes it so much better than other ginger ales, but its like liquid awesomeness.

[maybe the claim that it's barrel-aged for lie 3 years is actually working :)]

lunch was just some of my grandmother's homemade vegetable soup and beef jerkey...
is that really gross to you? everyone thinks i'm crazy for liking it...

for dinner, my mom and i met my boyfriend and his sister at a bar in raleigh. i had a dagwood sandwich (grilled ham, turkey, pepperoni, onions, and green peppers w/lettuce, tomato, and onion on a kaiser roll...no cheese or mayo) and onion rings slathered in ketchup.

lindsey to french fries:
"i'm gonna let you finish, but onion rings are the best side of all time, OF ALL TIME!"

when i got back home, i got a shower and such and facebook stalked...the norm. i think i'm going to go nom on a pb fiber one bar and some milk minus lactose. what's your favorite bedtime snack? :)

ciao bella!


  1. Thank you for your comment :) I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  2. hey!! i really like your blog and am glad i found it!!! jw, how is the duke eating disorder program? whats it like?

  3. Glad that you are taking steps to develop healthy relationship with your body and food. Hope that the ED class is helping. You are a beautiful and young girl - wear what you want to wear. Don't listen or care what others think yuo should wear. :)

  4. thank you :) it feel so good to just wear normal clothes! i really appreciate the support!

    ciao bella :)