Sunday, November 1, 2009


I'M NOT A PART OF YOUR SYSTEM! hahahaa...i love saturday night live. watch the video. now.

so, lunch went spectacular today. i ate every bit of that taco salad AND one of my beloved tootsie roll pops. cherry deliciousness :)

i came home and was absolutely starving for some reason? i ended up tearing upp a bag of tortilla chips and salsa (don't ever leave me alone with a bag of those babies.) then i was craving a little sumthin' sweet...i went for a peanut butter fiber one bar. i'm addicted to those things, but i'm sticking with the oats and chocolate as my fav. not for the feint colon-ed though, i might add. nonetheless, it's better than a chocolate bar. yeah, i said it.

since i was sick for two days and didn't leave the house, i managed to sneak out at some point and get an iced coffee from mickey d's. A;LSDKJFLDKF; addiction. someone send me to rehab now. "yes i'd like a SUGAR-FREE VANILLA ICED COFFEE WITH NO CREAM...yes, no cream. yeah that's correct. no, i'm not kidding, thanks." people in this little southern small town are so weird sometimes. i mean, maybe i don't like cream, or maybe i have an allergy? just make the coffee how i said i wanted it. i mean it's actually taking one step out of the normal process, so i'm actually making your job easier. kthanks.

sorry, i just get aggravated because it happens everyyyy singleeeeeeeeee timeeeeeeeeeeeee. moving on :)

i'm still full from that snack earlier, so i don't know what dinner will end up made a scrumptious looking lasagna, but sadly, i can't eat it. I HATE BEING LACTOSE INTOLERANT.

i never really had a problem until ED came along. ED's really can do a lot of damage to your body, and you're only hurting yourself by depriving your body of the nutrients and energy it needs to function. in my case, i ended up with lactose intolerance, acid reflux, and ibs. it's a wonderful consequence, but i hope i will outgrow it one day. until then, i'll just continue to fantasize about my future cheese-orgies. nommmmmmmmmmmm. love it.

however, mom understands, so she let me take some of the meat out for myself to make something with later. i was feeling especially resourceful today, so i scrounged up some pasta, parsley, red pepper flakes, and good ol' fake cheese and made some baked spaghetti. caution: my food photography skills are way lacking, but it went a little something like this...

rotini pasta? check. cooked al dente? duh.

mmm...lean beef mixture and "mozzarella" che
ese, for us lactose ignant folks.

not too shabby.

end result after 20 glorious minutes in the oven?

sorry, homegirl here got a little excited and put some away for lunchie.
oh, and a little corn never hurt anyone :)

sorry again for the poor picture quality, i'm still working a few kinks out with this blog thing. i'm sure i'll get the hang of it someday...

now i'm off to shower up, and sit down to read 5 chapters of the worsttt book i have ever read in my live: WUTHERING HEIGHTS. is that even a word? i don't even care, it's ridiculous. i may be slightly biased, as i doooooooo love me someeeeee math :)



buenos noches all.

ciao bella :)

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