Sunday, November 1, 2009

top o' the mornin' to ya!

what a dreary morning here in that. and i just got to clean up bella's poop of the day.

thanks bell.

on a slightly more positive note, i am getting ready to head over to my boyfriend's house for sunday lunch! his beautiful niece (she's about 19 months already!) will be attending, and i'm super stoked to see her. however, they will be having taco salad for lunch, which is obviously quite fattening. now, most of me doesn't care about this because i'm not concerned about going over there for food alone...i'm going to see his family. unfortunately, there is still that little ED part of me that i can't seem to get to quite go away that says i should say i'm still sick and i can't go, although i know that would be the absolute WORST thing to do. so, i'm going to brave it out, and go anyways. maybe i'll take a picture of my emp-tay plate for ya'll. i've lived the the south for eleven years, and STILL can't bring myself to say ya'll. i think i'll always be a yankee at heart!

if anyone is reading this, please feel free to leave me any advice you might have or stories you would like to share...anything would help :(

i know i consider myself to be "recovered," but i don't really see a nutritionist because it's too expensive, and i'm trying really hard to do this on my own. but i think i may need some extra support: enter blogging community.

well, that's my spiel of the morning peeps.

ciao bella :)

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