Monday, June 21, 2010

quarters, boot camp, and tofu

hey! work is going unimaginably well...yet tiring as hell.  thankfully, i have today and tomorrow off because i have to go to Duke for my final ED checkup :) as much as i love getting out of my small town and heading to Durham, it is nice knowing i won't have to see an ED doctor any longer.

thursday night, i worked 12 hours; i worked until 2:30 in the morning. woah. tips were rollin', though.  there was a huge party of guys there from some kind of firm, and two were looking at me all night and finally asked my name.  they were quite nice to look at, i might add (and AUSTRALIAN) :) it was flattering for awhile, but it got to be downright creepy.  they asked me to take me them home because they were hammered, but i politely refused.  friday, i worked until 1:00 in the morning, and saturday i got off at 9:30.  i can't complain...i've made hundreds ;)

mom and dad came to visit me one night, and my dad and i ended up playing quarters on the bar.  after awhile, we attracted quite the crowd. 

our family might be dysfunctional, but i love 'em!

i finally had some motivation this morning to hop off my lazy butt and do some work.  i had purchased a boot camp dvd a longg time ago, and went to work.  HOLY %&*^&.  i don't know what word that was, but it's what i was saying the entire 55 minutes.  billy kicked my BUTT.  i was literally dripping sweat from head to toe by the end, but i felt amazing.  i will be continuing the dvd :)

on the foodie front, i've been eating HORRIBLY lately, and my body can tell. i'm going back and eating more clean and healthy foods.  no worries, there will be cake in there too.  80/20, peeps.  i started today because i once read that mondays were the best days to start a new habit! i worked out and ate pretty well.

breakfast was homemade french toast made with 3 slices whole wheat bread, 2 egg whites, splash of lactaid, cinnamon, vanilla, a small banana, and sf maple syrup. sorry, it got demolished so no pictures.

lunch was a flatout wrap with sabra roasted red pepper hummus, shredded carrots, and a few vegan peperoni slices.  on the side, i had an apple dipped in plain greek yogurt mixed with just a little sf maple syrup.  no pictures, nothing to write home about. delicious, nonetheless. somewhere inbetween lunch and dinner, i had the remaineder of my greek yogurt (1/2 cup?) with some kashi honey toasted cereal and sf maple syrup, again. i should lay off of that.

now as my post title implies, i had some tofu for dinner. in the past, i've bought it and ended up having to throw it out becuase i never used it.  i've always been intimidated when actually cooking my own food.  i make my own food a lot, but nothing that doesn't take over five minutes.  i was feeling up to the task tonight, and tofu sounded pretty good.

enter kristin's grilled asian tofu.

obviously, mine didn't look as nice and pretty as hers, but it sure was tasty.


grilled in the foreman, topped with sesame seeds.

i also stole her idea of using the rest of the marinade to sautee up some spinach and brown rice. genius.

three pieces of tofu and a blog later, i'm one happy girl.

ciao bella


  1. yayyyy for money!! can't complain there! don't get too caught up in eating "clean & healthy." moderation is key my dear :]
    love you!

  2. Whoaaaa, where do you work?? I am mighty jealous of those tips! :)

    I am back to clean eating too. I am not trying to get too hung up on it, but I do notice a difference in the way I feel when I eat cleaner and healthier. I have so much more energy and just feel more positive overall. Good luck! Your eats today sounded delicious! Ps: I get intimidated by cooking tofu too, and it usually goes to waste when I buy it. That's something that I can change this year!

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