Sunday, March 14, 2010

"she got that good good, she michael jackson badd."

i'm alivee!!! :)

i missed you guys so much!  i could probably write a book about my life, but i think i'll try to sum up the high points in bullets.

-jeff and i are completely hard feelings though.
-casey and i aren't going to be roommates anymore, because she is going to CAROLINA!  i still loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you soul sister :)
-mom went to trader joe's last night and didn't bring me back anything. i know what you're thinking...this should be first on my list, right?
-there is a new boy in my life :)
-i thought i tore my LCL in my left knee at soccer...i hit a girl knee to knee going full speed.  my knee was stuck at a 90 degree angle for a week before the doctor straightened it out because my leg was turning purple and went cold.  i would have rather been giving birth than to have my leg straightened out again...i had it done TWICE.  but i never got an MRI, so i hope nothing is torn.  it feels better now.

-but i thought i broke my shin in my last soccer game.  it's just a huge raised bruise though :) it was raining and the field was a mud pit.  here is a picture AFTER i washed off.

-i've been going outt with my friends :)

 -my senoir soccer season has been BEASTLYY and amazing. i love my girls :)

-i've been having allergic reactions all over for about a month now.  we thought it was from a sodium hydroxide spill in my chem. II class...

attractive, i know.  keep the compliments to yourself.

 but now we're pretty sure it's not the chemicals. 

it's the bacon.

my animal science class goes to the hog pens (yes my school really does own hog pens, yet takes away our college classes) and scrapes out their shit feces.  we figured out a break out everytime i go, so i'm not going anymore.  darn, no more smelling like butt :)

-i'm going to europe in two weeks!!  london, paris, and stonehenge :)

-my calculus grade is horrendous.  i've never had such a low grade, but it's because i have missed a bunch of that class due to my rash.  i have two zeros in the gradebook, so i guess that warrants my 78.1.  seriously, i think i defecated my pants.  i've never even had a B.
-on the other hand, soooooooooo ironically, i'm doing extremely well in my ap literature and composition class.  i'm such a math person, i really don't know what's going on haha.
-i bought 77 dollars worth of soccer paraphenalia and haven't told my mom yet. i should get on that.
-my 2007 honda civic's transmission is messed up.  i haven't told my mom about that yet either.  fml.
-i decided i think i want to go to medical school again...i gave up my dreams for something else, but i'm going to follow my heart now.  and i really want to be a doctor.  i guess that would explain why i watch discovery health 24/7.  except for fringe and trash tv.  but you already knew that, right?
-and i think i want to either transfer to the university of michigan in a couple years, or at least try to go to medical school there...i'm so freaking excited about my futuree :)

 judge me. :)

-i did officially get my major changed from nutrition science to biological sciences-human biology.
-sorry this post is hella random, i have thoughts everywhere i'm trying to get covered.
-speaking of nutrition, everything on the ED front is so great.  actually, i shouldn't even say ED front.  literally, it's like gone.  i can't say i NEVER have thoughts, but it's just so freaking liberating.  i got chicken tenders and fries from applebees a couple nights ago and never thought twice.  AND had a snack later.  i've been staying up kind of late haha.  my new hang out hours are from like 10-4 hahaa. i like to call it college preparation.
-i do have something bothering me i can't really talk aboutt and i don't know what to do about it, but i guess it will work outt.
-i'm getting a blackberry in a couple days. holla!
-i still eat yogurt messes every 0.324 seconds.  
-i can't live without peanut butter or hummus anymore.
-i will visit the store in the middle of the night if i'm out.
-if you've ever seen the movie office space, you'd appreciate the present i got for my dad on his birthday yesterday.

red swingline stapler.  i'll burn the place down.

-i think i've run out of things to say right now...i'm still reading blogs everyday, sorry i have been bad about commenting, but i'm still here!  
-my life is basically school and hanging out now, just the way it should be :)
-i love you guys!! i'll be back if i think of anything else!  i'll try to start commenting moree.

ciao bella


  1. yay your back!! Sounds like life has been full of ups and downs!! EEK!
    Yay DR. Lindsey, you can totally do it, you'll be fantastic at it (I can just tell)

    As for my post - you MUST make curry, it's so good!!! especially with the pineapple!! :)

    Glad your back!

  2. oh my goodness! loads of things to catch up on! glad you are back sweetie :] sorry bout casey, you'll find someone else!! and yay for changing your majorrr hehe. you are too cute. you will do amazing at whatever you chose to do :] stay strong sweetie!! you are such an inspiration. miss you <3

    You can be my doctor any day, girl. Honestly!
    You really have had a lot happening in your life, and I am so glad that the majority of it is good!. You're doing what you want to do, because you want to do it. You're living life, and not letting a minute of it get past you.
    I'm so proud of you, and so inspired by you, beautiful.

    I love you, girlfrennn!

    P.S. I hope your leg feels better super quick so you can run super fast again.

  4. I missed your posts. But I'm sooo happy life is going so well... and ED has been quiet. You're my hero!

  5. i want to go to medical school too! :)

  6. I am so glad to see you back! Random posts are the best. :) I am also glad to see that you are alive and doing well...your life seems full of fun and friends. I too, like to stay out late...prepping for those college nights. =P Haha, have a great week!

  7. lindseyyyyyyyyyyyy i love you so so so fucking much. you have no idea.

    anyway, i'm excited about your future, and my future, and our future together as bffs :) even though we're not going to the same school, we'll still be closer than we are right now :/ AND YOU ARE COMING TO SEE ME AS SOON AS YOU GET BACK FROM EUROPE.
    just throwing that out there.

    anyway, i'll cut it here, but i just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, and how glad i am that you understood about carolina, and that you really are my best friend. and it's gonna stay that way, no matter what. :)


    ps; office space is pretty much amazing.
    "...i believe you have my stapler."