Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's a beautiful world

hey guys!  if you couldn't tell by the title, life is great right now :) with the exception of my calculus class, but all in due time...

i had my first appointment at duke today in three months, and it was pretty good all in all.  my weight is very normal and my mentality couldn't be any better.  however, they do want me to continue to take my medication until the winter and then i can try to come off of it.  they were proud of me, which was an awesome feeling to say the least. 

on a not so good note, if you've been following my blog, you know that i'm lactose intolerant.  i have been able to continue to eat yogurt though.  well lately, i've been having a probably throwing up a lot of what i eat and having tummy issues and being really shaky.  apparently this is in correlation with my recent obsession with eating yogurt at least twice a day.  i was giving an ultimatum to not eat ANY form of dairy.  i seriously teared up, i don't know what to do!  we stopped at whole foods and picked up a couple of soy yogurts and coconut yogurt, but soy usually doesn't agree with me and i'm not a fan of coconut :(

here are my goodies i got:

coconut milk yogurt, soy yogurt, vegan cheddar, and i finally tried carob! IT WAS AMAZINGG. better than chocolate, i swear.  those are carob covered almonds and raisins.

mini whole wheat pita rounds, baked blue tortilla chips, sf english toffee syrup, MY N.C. STATE LICENSE PLATE!, dark chocolate bacon bar, world market sea salt dark chocolate bar, raw foods blueberry crunch bar, odwalla superfood bar, and NUTRITIONAL YEAST FINALLY!
-i'm beyond excited to have finally picked up some nutritional yeast, i've seen all of these recipes and now i can finally make them!
-the sea salt bar is just as good as the sea salt lindt bar for half the price
-the bacon dark chocolate? GASMIC. totally worth 6 dollars.
-here is what my car looks like.  before vs. after.


totally creepin' :)

i think the weather has had tons to do with my mood.  case and point:

"holla if you're ready for some summer nights...♥"

to continue with my random posting, here was my monstrous dinner from sweet tomatoes tonight:

holy roughage.  and this was afteri ate some.

honestly, i wasn't really impressed with sweet tomatoes, they didn't even had BALSAMIC!  i had to use italian, which i'm sure had dairy in it.  but it did tide me over for a good bit.

the rest of my life in a nutshell?  the new boy is going greatt, jeff and i don't hate each other or anything, i still love casey (HOLLAAAAAAAAAAA SOULMATE!), i have a new roommate!, i'm struggling in calculus but i'm getting it together now, my rash is better except around my eyes, american idol sucks this year, soccer is amazing, i strained my left flank, we have our next game thursday night, and i leave for europe in t-minus eight days :)))))

oh, and i got a blackberry tour.  heard. that.
love you guys!

ciao bella


  1. Glad to hear everything is going well for you!!!! minus the dairy problems :( Hopefully soy will work out!!.. if not, could you possibly take a lactaid pill? I would ask your dr (if you haven't already) because that seems like it would be a great solution for you!.. if not, soy can be yummy too! haha
    Keep up the great work!!
    oh and pretty pics! you have amazing eyes <3

    -A <3

  2. Lucky you! Have fun in Europe! Your pictures reminded me that I need a new bikini, asap!

    You are almost vegan, girl! Haha, I love that vegan cheese. You should try Daiya or Teese..they melt better, I think. And, I love Wildwood Probiotic Soyogurt. You should try it! It has great probiotics and lots of protein! I get the plain, unsweetened and mix in some stevia for sweetness. The coconut yogurt is good, but I find it too fatty for daily consumption. I never really liked the Soy Delicious yogurts...love the ice cream...but the yogurts are too "jelly". Haha. Silk is an alright brand. I can't wait to go to Whole Foods on Monday to stock up on yogurts and other yummy stuff!

  3. So glad to hear u are doing well and things at Duke went so well!!! I too want to try Nutritional yeast - hope u have a great night!!
    xo aimee

  4. aww i'm so proud of you darling!! you are amazing :]
    keep fighting and doing what you're doing! i definitely suggest silk very vanilla soymilk :] so yummy hehe
    love you girlie!

  5. Oh baby baby, how I have missed youuuu.
    I smiled from ear to ear, upon hearing your stability and health mentally and the progress you've made in terms of recovery!
    What majorly blows is the lactose intolerance... You needa keep that food in your tummy, Lindsey! I hope you can find some sort of dairy replacement that you fall in love with!

    Seeing you happy and well is so beautiful, Lindsey.
    You deserve this happiness - do everything you can to keep it, sweetheart. It was worth fighting for to regain, and it's worth fighting for to keep.
    Fight on, trooper! Fighting right along side you.

    I love you so much, girl - Keep that beautiful smile on your dial.


  6. I'm lactose intolerant as well, it's horrible!!
    I do hope you feel better asap, lovely.


    PS. Gorgeous photos.

  7. "holla if you're ready for some summer nights...♥"

    Oh, I am def ready! Thanks for your sweet comment today :) I really hope the post on dairy helps you...you dont need it in your life. I went thru what you're going thru, once you break the dairy addiciton, you will never want it again, trust me. You just have to get over the hump and youll be fine, i promise!

  8. hey girl!
    Glad to hear life is good!!! :)

    Don't hate me for this but some carob has dairy!! *ducks*
    Everything else you got looks fabulous!! :)



    i love you all, you always make my day!

    ♥ lindsey

  10. and thank you averie!

    your posts are always educating, and i know i don't need it! thank you girl :)

    ♥ lindsey