Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"When asked what he would do if he only had six months to live: Type faster."-Isaac Asimov

seems as if everyone is watching lost tonight...guess i just never got around to hopping on that bandwagon :)


school was actually pretty nice today, partly because of the two hour delay.  i got to wake up an hour later and take my time getting ready.  i actually took a shower in the morning, which is so much better.  i could smell my hair all day haha.
in animal science, we found out we get to start going to the hog farm tomorrow! you know you are in redneck country when your school has its own hog farm :)  i'm excited though, it's something different i've never really done, and it feels like we get to do do some real work ;).

A.P. cal is going amazingly smoothly right now...the stuff we are doing is muy easy.  me like.

as is A.P. lit...although i do have two poetry explications do by friday.  bummer.

i really enjoy sciences and i haven't had a  science class since my first semester of my sophomore year, which was chemistry I, so i have been looking forward to chem. II, especially since there are no tests! always a perk.  we did one experiment where i inhaled nitric acid gases, which was fun...but since then they have either kicked us out so another class could use our classroom, or he hasn't been there.  today we did a packet from chemistry I.  right out of the chem. I book.  seriously, it was a word-for-word-bold-print-straight-in-the-book type thing.  mind numbing.  at least it gave me a chance to go to the bathroom and wander campus where i stumbled upon a great example of the tragedy we call our school.

case and point:


it's kind of a bad picture, but that's what covers all of our walkways.  it basically rains through the roof.  that's especially nice when it's freezing rain :)

 classy caution tape around the ice.

people make such a big deal about some weather down here.


i had three club meetings after school today: quiz bowl, honor society, and math club.  i'm kind of obligated to go to math club being the president, so i went there and i was the only one there besides the kid who walked with me.  by the time i got out of there, honor society was dismissed and i had already said i wouldn't be at quiz bowl...soccer was cancelled so i went home and vegged all day.  oh, and i did my calculus sudoku today and was quite proud of  myself.  me and sudoku do not get along.

to continue my lazy day, i couldn't find any food for dinner, so i "made" cereal.  i made chinese noodles but they tasted gross. 

i don't know why that is sideways.  but yes, that would be my second meal of cereal and a banana with almond milk.  this time i added some white chocolate pb & co. :)  

normally, i would eat kashi, but i'm trying to avoid soy nowadays because i think i eat WAY too much of it and it really upsets my stomach.  not to say i'm dissing it completely, but i realized that maybe i eat it in excess haha.  so tonight, i opted for some sweeted, hfcs mini-wheats :)  i've been craving all things sweet lately...nothing to do with my monthly gift...

watched some american idol yadada...

and made averie's raw cookie dough ballsssssssss. no words. 

 peanut-oat flour+agave+maple syrup+vanilla

  + a handful of chocolate chips. cause i'm badass and don't measure :)

i also wasn't able to mold into anything because it was so sticky so i floured it and mushed it into a container to eat the whole thing  scoop out a spoonful at a time :)

i did deviate a little from her recipe because i didn't have any cashews on hand...peanuts work just fine.  it just turns into peanut butter raw cookie dough...nothin' wrong with that my friends.

i also didn't have any regular vanilla extract because i used the rest in my oatmeal, but i had french vanilla.  it was SOO GOOD. but a little overwhelming.

note to self:  french vanilla does NOT require the same amount as regular vanilla.

off to shower and maybe sleep soon...maybe :)

ciao bella


  1. omg i've been wanting to make those dough balls but i haven't gotten around to it yet! i will definitely soon -- let me know how they come out? and did you just say CALCULUS sudoku? i have trouble with plain sudoku ahaha it stresses me out.
    don't you love AP lit? it's my favorite class :] i'm not taking calc though, wasn't allowed--my doctors thought it would stress me out too much hahahahaha

  2. that looks super yummy! But I would definately eat the whole thing at once. haha. I too never hoped on the Lost bandwagon, but I know a lot of people who are obsessed!

  3. I can't remember if I got back to you about your question on my blog. I'm really sorry if I didn't, but my suggestion about your "maybe gluten" issues is to get tested. Please don't cut out gluten, or dairy, on your own. You need to get tested first, and before you get tested you MUST include those foods in your diet, or else the results will be false. Please take my advice and get tested by your doctor or other health care professional. You may just be reacting to your eating disorder (past) and your body may still be adjusting to a regular eating schedule (I know that was part of my issue).

    Have a great day, and good for oyu for being so involved with school clubs. That will help you in the future!!

  4. hey girl! oh drooooollll to those cookie dough balls(: its so great you do all those clubs. i only do a couple a year sometimes, maybe i should do more. and i love that you had a sweet tooth and went for it, i love just having what i want (cough CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM couggghhh) have a great day xoxo soph

  5. Hi Lindsey, thanks for letting me know you made these...they look great and I hope you enjoyed them :)
    You're such a sweetheart, hope your week is going great xoxo

  6. oh i did, i'm still loving them :)


    ♥ lindsey

  7. thank you so much for your kind words on my blog today. it really means a lot to me to know someone's out there through this, especially since i haven't made a fuss about it at school with my friends.
    i'm so happy that you're enjoying school overall, even if science was a total snore and your school covers are a little decreped. nothing a little cereal can't fix, right? ;)
    i'm totally with you on the soy thing, too. ever since i say food inc. i've been against gmo soy and anyway, too much soy isn't good either. if you need ideas of how to replace it, i'd be glad to help :).
    oh, and one more thing. i absolutely loved clicking on your blog today because hey soul sister was the first thing i heart. that is my ultimate happy/yoga song. you really made my day brighter :)
    have a lovely day! xox

  8. ahh so jealous that you tried averie's recipe! i am still yet to but it sounds great..yay for no measuring!! sounds like you are abusy girl!