Saturday, February 13, 2010


it started last night...



and this morning i woke up to this




bella is a beast.


 old max :)

 little brudder. in mountain dew pj pants? classy.

still not sure how she managed that? cute  nonetheless :)





then i went to greenville with dad, bought mom a niceeeee bracelet and went to lowe's foods and got some sushii :) i haven't had it in forever.  i also picked up a pomegranate chobani, so i'll test that sometime :)

yesterday, i went to the WISE (women in science and engineering) open house at NC State with casey and it was really informative.  i think i'm going to apply for that and the honors program there.  there is also a scholars program i qualified for, but i'm not sure i want to spend my extra time looking at arts and literature. not my deal?  

after that, we went to whole foods, and god help me, i'm going to be BROKE next year.

 worst. purchase. ever.  i guess some healthy things are just not up my alley.
it's like straight vinegar. i swear i'm going to keep it to cook with. that bad.

 dark chocolate oatmeall :) bet it's ballin' with pb.

the rest of the goods. bacon isn't mine, though.

casey :) dumb face haha.


bahhhhhhhhhhh :) scary.

that night i was supposed to go back and stay at casey's house, but SHITT went down and long story short, i ended up back home.  i really don't want to talk about it, but i feel like an ass.  sorry to everyone, they know who they are and they will read this.  i think it's better now though, so i'm feeling a little better.  i think the pretty day helped.

i'm probably going to hit the gym laterrrrrrrr and maybe write my paper.
jeff and i have reservations somewhere tomorrow night!

ciao bella


  1. Heya! Just came across your blog and thought I'd say hi. I read your story and I think it's awesome that you're recovered from your ED. I'm on my own journey towards health at the moment, and it's really inspiring to see others who've been successful :)

    Hope you have a great Valentines!

  2. aww thanks girl! have a wonderful v-day, as well :)

    ♥ lindsey

  3. Love your blog too :)
    Your dogs are too adorable! Ahh I need to go to whole foods soon as well (eating yummy foods is pricey, no?). Enjoy the snow!

  4. yummy foods. sorry about the uhh drama? I hate that :)

  5. Happy Valentines Day!!

    That's too bad that "stuff" tasted like vinegar!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to try it!!

  6. I love Whole Foods! I am going there tomorrow and I too, have no idea how I am going to afford next year going to college AND wanting to shop there and at TJ's. Gahhh! At least TJ's is less expensive (just means you can buy more...cough, cough)! :)

  7. Your dogs are absoluetly adorable :) How many do you have!?

    I have never been to a Whole Foods.. but I still manage to spend all my money at regular grocery stores :P

  8. Love the pics of your dogs in the snow, my pup is still skeptical of it! My grocery bills have gone up quite a bit some WF came to town - worth it though!

  9. awww roommate :) i love youuu. it's okay that our plans didn't work out. we'll make up for it soon. at least i got to see you!

  10. So the Synergy drinks aren't good? I wouldn't waste my money on them, as I don't even think any sweetened beverages are healthy! I'd rather just stick to whole foods. But I do like to try things, just for fun. The sushi looks really good. I love sushi.

    Happy Valentine's day to you :)

  11. I completely agree about Kombucha- blechhhh! I'm sure the chocolate oatmeal makes up for it though :)

  12. aww, your dogs are so adorable! i used to have 2 dogs and i miss them so much. i'm happy to see you have your puppy loves this valentine's day :).
    i know what you mean about whole foods. man, that place is dang-er-ous! my mom and i actually agreed that whichever college i choose, it MUST have a whole foods and yoga studio near (with vegan restaurants near by preferably). i could live there.
    i'm sorry to hear things didn't work out well last night but i know everything will be alright since you're such a sweetie. i wish you the best of luck.
    have a lovely day!

  13. DARK CHOCOLATE OATMEAL?!?! Where did you find that?