Monday, January 11, 2010

"you gave my life direction, a gameshow love connection we can't deny."

the way you can't cut a rug, watching you's the only drug i need
you're so gangsta, i'm so thug, you're the only one i'm dreaming of
you see, i can be myself now finally, in fact there's nothing i can't be
i want the world to see you be with me

-train, hey "soul sister

i miss you jeff!

egotistic photolove :) plus picasalove

i woke up this morning with the weirdest headache. i got it as soon as i stood up, and it came in waves. when it hit, i couldn't see straight and it kinda went black. weird.

luckily, oats were there to save the day!

apple cider oats breakfast of consisting of:
1/3 cup oats
2/3 cup water cooked with apple cider tea

1 small chopped apple

maple syrup

and topped with vanilla greek yogurt and more cinnamon :)


ap literature and comp today was a nightmare. i swear, 2/3 of the people in there should never have signed up. and it frustrates me because we can't ever get anything done. i hate being one of those people that "feeds" off of other peoples emotions...when my teacher gets frustrated, i get frustrated. and when my classmates get mad, i get mad. so stressful :/.

luckily, the gym was there to save the day!

i did a circuit workout from's a 5-factor workout that only takes about 30 minutes for Boldme.

0-5 min. ellipical (level 10)
5-7 min. walking lunges (i added weights and did curls while lunging)-20 reps
7-9 min. stiff leg deadlifts (10 pound weights)-20 reps
9-11 min. double crunches-20 reps
11-12 min. elliptical (level 12)
12-14 min. walking lunges (added weights plus curls)-2o reps
14-16 min. stiff leg deadlifts (10 pound weights)-20 reps
16-18 min. double crunches (turned into sit-ups halfway through)-2o reps
18-19 min. elliptical (level 12)
19-21 min. walking lunges (added weights plus curls)-20 reps
21-23 min. stiff deadlifts (10 pounds added)-20 reps
23-25 min. elliptical (level 12)

a wal-mart trip followed. i had a few items to pick up, and i usually do shopping for my grandma too. i secretly enjoy it :)

my friend and i took a few hours to study for our ap calculus midterm tomorrow...a;sldkfj;. i'm scared, but i'm calm. i've always been that way about math. you either know it or you don't. our studying inevitably turned into talking. much more enjoyable!

i also tried my first recipe from one of my new cookbooks, deceptively delicious!

unfortunately, i don't have any pictures because i decided to spare everyone the disaster they seemed to be, but underneath their rough exterior, they really were good. i made crispy tofu nuggets! and i'm not even a tofu person, really, but they were really good dunked in some honey mustard.

i also made my first fudge babies today! with some slight variations haha. the dates i bought were hard and nasty, and i didn't have nuts. soooooooooooooo i used prunes and peanut butter.

in the food processor went:

1/2 cup packed prunes
1 tablespoon dark chocolate dreams pb&co.
1/4 tsp. vanilla

they turned out a little wetter than i imagine they should be, but they are still pretty darn good, if i do say so myself :)

ooey gooey

maybe next time i'll find good dates! these babies won't go to waste though ;)

in the meantime...

ciao bella


  1. great workout girl! those fudge babies sound amazing!

  2. Just soak your dates for a bit!! I did that yesterday in some warm water!

    HAve a great day!!!!!

  3. yummy oats.

    good luck on your midterms!